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NIM: A 320 080 280


1.      Characters                   :
1)      The Professor
2)      The Young Pupil
3)      The Maid

2.      Characterization          :
1)      The Professor              : aged 50 to 60, temperamental, serious
2)      The Young Pupil         : aged 18, stupid, amenable
3)      The Maid                     :  aged 45 to 50, disturber, loyal

3.      Plot                              :
The drama starts in the introducing of the characters. Then it is happened a teaching and learning process between the professor and the young pupil. In the beginning of the teaching learning process, everything is okay. However in the end of the teaching learning process, the teaching learning process becomes strange because the professor cannot manage his angry to the young pupil. In the end of the drama, the professor kills the young pupil because the professor has a strange behavior to his pupils included the young pupil.

4.      Setting                         :
1)      Setting of place           : In the office of the old professor which also serves as a dining room.
2)      Setting of time                        : In a day
5.      Theme                         :
THE LESSON is a drama which shows a conflict between the professor who is temperamental and the young pupil who is stupid. Then there is the maid who always disturbs the professor in teaching learning process. The theme of the drama especially in the behavior of the professor who killed his forty pupils included the young pupil.

6.      Style                            :
1)      Grammatical Structure
THE LESSON uses standard language and simple construction.
2)      Figurative Language
THE LESSON does not use figurative language.
3)      Imagery and symbol
Symbols, elements in a work of fiction that stand for something more profound of meaningful, allow writers to communicate complicated ideas to readers in a work that appears to be simple. THE LESSON does not use any imagery or symbol because it is just a drama script.

7.      Conclusion                  :
From THE LESSON, it can be found that if someone becoming a teacher, he or she has to be a patient teacher and it is prohibited when the teacher does not care to his or her pupil’s problem.

8.      Man vs. Society          :
THE LESSON is a drama which shows Man vs. Society. It is caused conflict in the drama is happened between people. Then in the end of the drama there is a tragedy, the professor kills the young pupil, it shows that the drama categorized as Man vs. Society.


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